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Sep 22, 2021

How do you go from a passion to partnering with global brands? In just three years, founder Trina Nicole’s passion has brought the UK's first plus-size dance class, The Curve Catwalk, into position as a platform to revolutionize ideologies that dance is exclusive to one body type. Her passion and smart business strategies have built a community of thousands, classes and support systems designed to improve both the visibility of larger bodies in motion and to showcase them in a joyful state, and an exciting partnership with a major global brand. Trina, a Linktree Passon Fund silver level winner, shares how she went from cultural traditions to a successful business with big plans, the best time to approach brands for partnerships and the techniques she used to get her there, the importance of stats and insights in storytelling, and the importance that boldness and fun of her brand has played in growth.